Back at LV!

2014年9月16日 CATEGORY - ブログ, 講師ブログ

Hi everyone! I’m back! In fact, I just got back to Japan last week, after
spending the summer visiting my family in Canada. I was there for about six
weeks, but the time went by really fast. I got to spend a lot of time with
my dad, which was nice, since we’ve been on different sides of the ocean for
most of the past year. We went for walks around Victoria, and played chess
and Scrabble (he won the chess games; I won the Scrabble games). I also got
to catch up with some old friends. We played games, played frisbee, went for
walks, went dancing, watched movies (movies are so much cheaper in
Canada!)… I had a great time.








I also spent a week in Parksville, a small town north of Victoria, meeting

up with my mom’s relatives: my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins were

all there. Parksville is famous for its beautiful beaches, so we spent a lot
of time at the beach; we built a giant sandcastle (a sand lion, actually)
and roasted marshmallows around a fire. One thing I really enjoyed was
looking at the stars at night; we were far away from any cities, so there
was hardly any light pollution. The night sky was so bright…  we even saw
some shooting stars!

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It was a fantastic summer, but now I’m excited to be back in Japan… and
back at Language Village! We had a great group of students this week, and
I’m looking forward to meeting many new students this fall, along with some
familiar faces. Hope to see some of you soon!