Message to HR managers

Thank you very much for visiting the web page of Language Village. We are focused on improving the English ability of Japanese business people through the use of a method which is totally different from other schools. In general, Japanese people study English for at least 6 years until they graduate from high-school. In spite of this term of study, as you know, they often cannot speak English well. The reason is that they only try to input the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and never have any training for communication by using the knowledge that they have learnt. However, they have been equipped with a basic knowledge of English. It is impossible to implement an effective training program to Japanese business people without understanding this fact. Unfortunately, many companies still stick to a plan of improving their TOEIC scores through periodic studying of grammar or vocabulary and one or two hours a week of conversation lessons. It is easy to foresee that this plan will never work successfully. At LV, we force them to live English-only lives for a fixed term, grouped in classes based on their English knowledge, and to use their knowledge as a practical tool for communication. That is to say, we provide an environment where they are forced to use their knowledge, which they already have in their brains to actually communicate in their daily lives in a way that the Japanese English education system never has. Through this environment, people who finish our 1~2 week-camps generally come to be able to use English as a communication tool.

Message to teacher candidates all over the world

Thank you very much for being interested in the LV website. Language Village is very different from other schools. You can see what it is like through this website. For this work style, it may be a little bit tougher compared to other schools. However, if you like to talk to people or are cross-culturally competent, you will be convinced that it is worthwhile. Moreover, if you want to actually improve students’ English communication abilities, we are quite sure that LV is one of the best places for this. The reason has been already explained in our Message to HR managers, but it is because of the fact that Japanese people often cannot speak English because they have never experienced any communication in English and not because they don’t have the knowledge. Once they have an opportunity to live while speaking English daily, they will show huge improvement in a very short time because they have already been equipped with enough knowledge through the education system. This is a great experience for the teachers as well. We do not require any professional expertise in English education or special teacher qualifications. We only require sociability and curiosity for other cultures. We also require a 4 year college degree of to clear the Japanese government requirements for a working visa. So, we hope as many English speaking people with sociability and curiosity as possible will apply. (However, we do not always have positions available. So, please ask.)