Our position on the English market

At Language Village, we always try to define our own concept by understanding the situation of the English service market and analyzing our own service in comparison with others.

We believe that all people who are considering English services should be able to make the best choice for themselves. As a result, if they choose Language Village, they are able to receive our service with reassurance and full satisfaction.

When conditions permit, we recommend “Long term study abroad” as the best solution, because students can acquire not only English skills but also intercultural experience. However, if they are focused only on English skills, we believe that other services also enable them to achieve a similar result to “Long term study abroad.” In particular, Language Village with a combination of other services as appropriate can be effective as “Long term study abroad. ”

After achieving this level, they can naturally improve their English abilities to the extent which is necessary for their circumstances by accumulating intercultural experience at their jobs.

Our position on the English market

Features, Pros and Cons of each service in the English market

Long term study abroad
Very lowVery expensiveThe bestThe best
We are focusing on “Long term” because it is very difficult for short-term travelers to achieve an environment in which native English speakers live beside them from breakfast until dinner every day, even when they are abroad. Nevertheless, if they commit to studying abroad for more than 1 year with a strong will, we believe that they can achieve certain effectiveness. Moreover, they can gain intercultural experience. This is the experience which is impossible to get by any means other than long term study abroad. The atmosphere, smells, feelings and so on, galvanize their confidence as a global human resource. However, to choose this option, they have to take on a much greater burden on time and finances than when choosing other options.
Language Village
The bestComparatively
Even compared to Long term study abroad, the effectiveness of Language Village would be much better if one is focused solely on learning English language because in our system, we offer a highly intensive English environment which understands the weak points of Japanese students. However, it still requires students to take on a certain amount of burden, such as our tuition and also to leave their companies for a short time if they are business people. But this is why we can guarantee our effectiveness. Therefore, companies which have thought that they were running out of choices for English training tend to take advantage of our service.
English conversation school
Their objective, to make students use English as a communication tool, is exactly the same as Language Village. However, if we compare the services to running track, the lengths of the races are totally different. At a typical English conversation school, there is a concern that you might have to leave the school as soon as you begin to get used to using English because lessons are held just 1~2 hours a week. And this situation repeats endlessly. To accomplish one’s goals using this service, it is necessary to burn through a large amount of time and money. This is extremely irrational and inefficient. However, students who already have good English fundamentals can achieve a certain level of effectiveness if they choose such lessons at a reliable school. In the case that they want to maintain their ability, we believe that the format of this service is reasonable.
Online conversation classes
Comparatively highVery cheepOrdinaryRare
We think that this is an innovative and efficient way to learn English and think this service as the next best to our own service. This service is a fusion of the good points of both “English conversation schools”, which provides the opportunity to use English as a tool, and “Self study tools”, which is easily accessible. This service overcomes the weak point of English conversation schools, which is poor accessibility, by offering an overwhelmingly low price. However, it is very difficult to maintain the quality of their teachers because they hire many of them at low wages to realize their low prices. It is also difficult for students to maintain their motivation just because of a lack of a formal schedule. Therefore, it is an ideal service for the students who can control the pace of their own learning.
Self study tools
Very highIt depends.It depends.None
You can start anytime. You can study in your spare time. It has the ultimate ease of accessibility. However, all the more, it often happens that its rich accessibility may cause you to have difficulty maintaining your motivation and your attempts may end in vain. For example, there is service that offers an “All you need is to listen” service. Many students ask us if this is true or not. So we answer that it may be true, but that it only helps if you stick to it. Of course, there is no need to say that you will improve with any materials if you can continue to practice. The problem is that it is often difficult to stay with it. If you can continue to study with certain materials, they do not have to be expensive because now you can access a large variety of them for free on the internet.