A little surprise…

2014年7月9日 CATEGORY - ブログ, 講師ブログ

Hi, everyone! This is Jordan’s blog.
We’ve had a busy few weeks at Language Village! Emilee, one of the teachers,

went back to Canada at the end of June, so we had a farewell party for her
in Tokyo. We spent all day at Disney Sea, then went out for dinner in
Shinjuku. We were pretty tired by the end of the day, but it was lots of
fun. A lot of LV students came to the dinner, so it was great to see

And just this week, we had a little surprise (literally): some stray kittens
showed up outside the school! We don’t know where they came from or how they
got here (did their mother abandon them, or did someone leave them on the
side of the road?) but they are ridiculously adorable. There were three or
four to begin with, but most of them have disappeared; I hope they found
food and shelter somewhere. Only one, a little calico kitten (white with
coloured patches), is still hanging around. At first, she was really shy,
but now she seems quite friendly. If she sticks around, maybe we should make
her Language Village’s new mascot; she’s certainly cute enough!