New teacher-Nichole

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Hey everyone! My name is Nichole and I’m an English instructor at Language Village.

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. I have very large extended family, so family is extremely important to me. I love swimming and trips to the river and beach. I worked in banking for 6 years but was fascinated with the Japanese culture and language, so I decided to take an adventure and do my graduate degree in Japan. I studied at the International University of Japan in Minami Uonuma city of Niigata Prefecture from 2011-2013. The time I spent in Niigata was a period of amazement and self discovery. 

Japan has exposed me to a side of my personality I had not before discovered. It opened me up to adventure and new experiences. My favorite place in Japan so far is Kyoto. There is a deep culture packed into this one place and it is different from anything you will find in Jamaica. I learned how to ski and snowboard while in Japan and I’m looking forward to getting better at snowboarding. On my list of adventures to experience in Shizuoka, while I teach at Language Village, are paragliding at Asagiri kogen and crossing the Suspension Bridges of the Sumatakyo.

I returned to Japan because the kindness shown to me by Japanese people is priceless. I hope to repay this kindness by offering guidance to people who want to improve their skills in the English language. I hope to speak with you at Language Village! There is still so much we can learn from each other.