Talented Students

2014年3月25日 CATEGORY - ブログ, 講師ブログ

One of my favourite things about working here at Language Village is getting to meet all the new students each week. We have students of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, so everyone has different interests and experiences to share.








Last week, for instance, one of our students was a professional violinist. She didn’t bring her violin (unfortunately!) but she could listen to any song, write down the music by ear, and play it on the piano –even if she had never heard the song before! What an amazing talent! Another student was an expert at painting fingernails, so a lot of the students (and some of the teachers) had very pretty nails by the end of the week.


The previous week, one of the students taught some of us how to play “go” (or “igo”), a game that I had always been interested in but had never learned properly. When I was growing up in Canada, my favourite board games were chess and Scrabble. (We teach those to students too sometimes, since Scrabble is great English practice, and chess is good exercise for your brain in any language.) I’m still a beginner at go, but I’ll keep practicing.


With so many interesting people and activities each week, English definitely isn’t the only thing to learn at Language Village!